Rock drilling bit and its classification

The bit has two types of integral bit and movable bit. The integral bit is also called self-blade bit, and the bit and the rod are inseparable; the movable bit can be separated from the rod, which is flexible and convenient to disassemble and widely used.
The type of the bit can be classified according to its chisel edge distribution:
Commonly used one type, cross type, Y type and star, etc., as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Three commonly used drill heads
(a) in-line bit; (b) cross-type bit; (c) type X bit
The common features of these shapes of the bit are: the thickness of the bit body is large, the hole is round, and it is not easy to be stuck. The brazing edge is in a good condition, and the disadvantage is that it is difficult to manufacture and repair.
Figure 1 (a) is a flat-type drill head, which is simple to manufacture and repair. It is suitable for drilling medium and hard rock. However, in the rock with joint fissure development and toughness, it is easy to get stuck. . The one-word type drill bit has two kinds of hollow and solid whole pieces. In the brittle rock, the hollow-type one-head type bit has higher rock drilling efficiency than the whole piece of the one-shaped type bit.
FIG 1 (b) is a cross-type drill bits, grinding and complex than producing a shaped hard alloy sheet of high consumption, for heavy-duty drilling hard rock drills, especially in joints, rock fissures Medium, it is not easy to get stuck.
Fig. 1(c) is an X-type drill head with 105° and 75° angles between the cemented carbide sheets. It can ensure the roundness of the drilled hole is better, but it is difficult to manufacture and grind. It is mainly used for large diameter. Deep hole drilling.

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