The Working Principle and Construction of Pipeline Elec…

Pipeline heat tracing insulation is a new type of heating system. It can also be called the heating cable low-temperature heat tracing system. It is realized by converting electric energy into heat energy. What is its principle? How to construct it? These are the problems we need to solve, so Xiao-----

Cold chain transport more and more fire Dongfeng commer…

Driven by macro policies and market demand, China's cold-chain logistics industry is expected to continue its rapid growth in the future. By 2018, the demand for medium- and heavy-duty refrigerated trucks will exceed 10,000 units. If workers want to do good things, they must first sharpen thei-----

He led the team to make the highest level of graphene f…

From the first large-area graphene film in China, the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences was born, and the world's first mass-produced graphene mobile phone was released in Chongqing... Chongqing became a graphene research and development base and industrial base, which is close-----

Equipment modification and renewal

The transformation of equipment is aimed at the production needs, applying the new achievements of science and technology to the existing equipment of the enterprise, changing the technical appearance of the existing equipment and improving the modernization level of the equipment. The equipment is-----

Non-molybdenum sulfide copper-molybdenum separation

A wide range of copper minerals in nature, molybdenum ore or copper - molybdenum ore in the primary copper minerals chalcopyrite and chalcocite. Chalcopyrite (CuFeS 2 ) contains Cu 34.56 and S34.92%. It is the most common and the most valuable natural copper mineral in nature. Its crystal structur-----

Calculation of ore consumption

If the amount of other raw materials in the sinter is determined (such as furnace dust, rolled steel, fuel, etc.), the ore consumption can be determined according to the material balance. Aa'=P p ′+D d ′+M m ′+Za′ (1) Where A———the amount of sinter-----

Concentrator feasibility study

I. Purpose and Task of Feasibility Study The basis for the feasibility study is the project proposal approved by the higher authorities. The feasibility study is a scientific analysis method to evaluate whether the construction project is technically and economically feasible. It is an important wor-----