The new beam control system makes the laser weapon one …

Northrop. Northrop Grumman recently announced it will help the U.S. Air Force to develop new defensive weapons that can be installed on existing and future fighter jets. In an agreement with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the company will develop and build a beam control system for-----

Talking about the Performance Characteristics of Hook A…

Hook arm garbage truck is also called a detachable garbage truck and a pull arm garbage truck. At present, the hook arm garbage truck is widely used in urban street school garbage disposal, and has made great contributions to the domestic environmental prot-----

Smart parking system uses technology to create a differ…

In order to strengthen the management of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot, and creating a safe and comfortable parking environment, the intelligent parking system uses modern technology to make it easier for car owners to park and make parking management more convenient; according to t-----

Discussion on Fire Protection Technology of Power Cable

Due to the flammability and stringiness of the cables, in the event of a fire, the hazards are serious, especially in power plants and large substations. Once a fire occurs, it will affect other circuits. Therefore, the fire protection technology of power cables is one of the important technologies-----

13 seconds to understand how the central axis weight

After GB1589 was introduced, the caravan industry received a huge impact. After the double-row "airplane board" carrier was banned, the center axle trailer became the best solution to everyone's eyes. About what is the matter of the axis trail-----

How to do the car interior modifications

With the enrichment and diversification of people's leisure life choices, people are choosing more and more on holidays. As an important tool for people to travel, residential vehicles are very knowledgeable. A good and excellent modification can make p-----

AGV Technology

AGV is an abbreviation of "Automated Guided Vehicle", which means "automatic guided transport vehicle", which means that it is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guide device, it can travel along a prescribed guide path, with safety protection and variou-----