Kjeldahl's development status

Kjeldahl is a professional instrument designed according to Kjeldahl's principle for the quantitative determination of nitrogen and protein in foods, crops, fertilizers, soils, water and other substances. It is also called protein analyzer, crude protein analyzer and so on. Kjeldahl -----

GFT Series Track (Wheel) Travel Motor

The GFT series crawler (wheel) travel motor consists of a valve unit, a hydraulic motor, a brake, and a secondary planetary reducer with a brake function. It is characterized by high working and starting efficiency and reliable operation. Its output is a rotating casing that can be directl-----

Everyone car detailed oil misuse, let your car unimpede…

The engine oil is equivalent to the "blood" in the engine and flows between the engine components and acts as a lubricant. Therefore, the quality of oil directly affects the operating conditions of the engine. The rational use of oil can not only -----

Industrial Switch Features and Benefits

What is an industrial switch? Industrial switches are also known as Industrial Ethernet switches. Ordinary Ethernet did not take into consideration the application requirements of industrial networks at the beginning of design. Therefore, when network equipment is deployed on industrial sites, th-----

Maintenance and management of mineral processing equipm…

Most of the ore dressing equipment costs are relatively high. In the daily production process, it is necessary to ensure that the beneficiation equipment is in good working condition, so as to ensure the production efficiency of the beneficiation equipment. In order to ensure that the beneficiation -----

Molybdenum ore beneficiation flotation and grinding pro…

The molybdenum ore beneficiation mainly uses the flotation method as the main process, and the flotation agent uses a non-polar oil as a collector and a foaming agent. The nature of the ore, as modifier with lime, sodium silicate gangue as inhibitors, sometimes add cyanide or sulfide minerals inhib-----

How to ensure the weighing accuracy when using automati…

Automatic weighing machine is a high-speed and high-precision industrial weighing detection equipment, can be widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, hardware and other industries, then the automatic weighing machine how to ensure the accuracy of weighing products when testing, interested users can -----