In the next three years, the international shipbuilding industry may show a downward trend

Since 2011, China's shipbuilding industry has generally encountered a "winter season." The three major indicators of the shipbuilding industry are not optimistic, the growth rate of shipbuilding completion has slowed down, new orders have fallen sharply year-on-year, and hand-held orders have also declined.

In view of the large number of imported marine equipment and the large number of batches, most of which involve the characteristics of handling CCC operations and the problems existing in the shipbuilding industry, the inspection and quarantine department recommended that shipbuilding enterprises take the following measures in a timely manner:

Understand the direction of development and adjust the industrial structure. If conditions permit, homogeneous small shipbuilding companies should develop strategic alliances to complement each other, form a consistent external competition mechanism, and increase bargaining power.

Improve the level of technology and enhance the ability of independent innovation. Improve the production capacity of high-value-added products such as LNG ships and large-scale marine equipment, improve the overall competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry, and realize the transition from cost advantage to technology and product advantages.

Pay attention to the impact of the new international shipbuilding regulations and new standards on the shipbuilding industry. Conscientiously combine the requirements of energy saving and energy saving to develop new ships and avoid the trap of falling into technical barriers.

Strengthen production management and increase production efficiency. Avoid shipping difficulties due to manufacturing cycle and product quality issues. At the same time, efforts were made to strengthen the production of refined management, adopt measures such as increasing labor productivity, advancing technological progress, lowering procurement costs, increasing steel utilization, and reducing energy consumption, and strive to improve profitability.

Do everything possible to ensure delivery of the ship and go all out to take orders. High attention was paid to market opportunities in such fields as container ships, LNG ships, multi-purpose vessels, special ships, and marine engineering equipment.

Enhance bank-enterprise cooperation and explore new financing methods. We will vigorously develop cooperation with ship financing and leasing companies and use ship industry funds to establish industrial chain financing models.

It should be noted that the entire international shipbuilding industry will show a declining trend in the next three years and it is expected that it will gradually improve after 2015. This is an opportunity to force China's shipbuilding industry to achieve leapfrog development. On the one hand, despite the sluggish bulk carrier and oil tanker market, orders for high value-added ships, energy-saving vessels, and offshore equipment have not been affected, but on the contrary, the increase in the peak demand for new vessels also means a significant increase. As the peak of ship repairs is approaching, the shipbuilding industry in the future will have huge business opportunities. With the help of the port's advantages, the development of the ship supporting industry cluster will be a successful model for the development of shipbuilding industry at home and abroad. Domestic shipbuilding companies should take timely measures to respond to the industry crisis, seize the opportunities contained therein, transform the industrial structure, upgrade the technological level, and realize the goal of “building a strong nation”.

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