Turbine Crusher Helps Recycle of Waste Plastic Pipes

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China Drying Network News Recently, the “12th Five-Year Plan” of China's Strategic Emerging Industries Development Plan announced by the State Council made it clear that “we must focus on the development of resource utilization of waste plastics supported by advanced technologies”, and the recycling industry of waste plastic pipe resources unlimited.

A few days ago, a company introduced a turbine-type crusher suitable for crushing waste plastic pipes and profiles. This updated turbine crusher has a compact structure, small size, smooth operation, high output, fine grain size, low energy consumption, and sealing. Reliable and easy to install, easy to remove, easy to repair, easy replacement of wearing parts and other advantages.

Excellent product quality, excellent performance, good use of results, so that the crusher mill reputation. The machine is not only suitable for crushing waste plastic pipe profiles, but also suitable for the smashing of medium and low hardness materials such as chemicals, dyes, auxiliaries, feed, food, medicine, and non-metallic minerals.

At present, turbine mills have been adopted by most of the plastic pipe production plants, waste plastics recycling companies in Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin, as well as dyeing, medicine, and food industries, with significant social and economic benefits.

Heavy Duty Cut To Length Line

Heavy Duty Cut To Length Line make thick gauge steel plates, high tensile steel sheets(stainless steel coil sheets, high carbon steel coil sheets, high quality alloy steel sheets).

  • Thick gauge steel plates range thickness from 6mm and above, maximum can be 30mm, 40mm.
  • High tensile steel sheets will require same duty cut to length line when the sheet thickness is only half of plain steel plate.
  • The heavy duty cut to length don't only deal with high strength, but also conquer material elasticity.
  • Coils weight usually up to 20T, 30T, even 40T, huge coils.
  • The leveler of heavy duty cut to length line will be 4high, with leveling rollers and backup rollers.
  • cut to length sheets will be output to stacker, the stacker design will be speciall designed.
  • Heavy duty cut to length speed can be 20m/min encoding or 40-50m/min servo tracking.
  • The cut to length line will occupy 30m, 40m,50m length, when lengths of cut sheets vary.

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Heavy Duty Cut To Length Line

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