· Tibet has priority access rights on January 1, 2013

As a means of transporting students to and from school, school buses play a special role in all modes of transportation. The safe passage of school buses has also received widespread attention from the society. On December 11, the relevant staff of the Traffic Police Corps of the Public Security Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region gave a detailed introduction to the safety performance and priority of the school bus.
More than 100 vehicles registered in the district must be inspected once every six months.
On the 11th, Suolang, deputy detachment of the vehicle management detachment of the Traffic Police Corps of the Autonomous Region, said that at present, the number of motor vehicles in our district has reached 260,000, and the average number of vehicles registered in Lhasa is about 100 per day. The number of registered school buses in our district is also gradually increasing, and currently it has reached more than 100 vehicles. The school bus, as a vehicle used to pick up and drop off students to play a special role, its safety performance has been widely concerned by the society. Solang said that at present, the school buses registered in the vehicle management department of our district are special school buses, and some are non-dedicated school buses. Because of the safety issues related to students going to and from school, the school bus inspection is more strict than other motor vehicles. The safety technical standards, now all school buses in our district must be inspected every six months.
For the inspection standards of non-dedicated school buses, Solang introduced not only to meet the national standards for the safety standards of special school buses, but also to meet other vehicle safety technical standards. This means that in addition to meeting the safety technical standards of other vehicles, the school bus inspection should also check whether there is an escape hammer, dry powder fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and satellite positioning device with driving record function according to the special school bus inspection standard. , indicator lights, parking signs, emergency windows in the car, emergency exits, and the appearance of the vehicle with or without school bus signs. In addition, the requirements for school bus drivers are also very strict.
Unqualified driving school bus can be fined up to 20,000 yuan. The regulations for school bus drivers in the "School Safety Management Regulations" implemented on April 5 this year: First, the driver should hold the driver's license of the corresponding driving model and have 3 years. The above driving experience; the age is 25 years old or older, but not more than 60 years old; there can be no traffic accidents that cause death or serious injury, and records of drinking or driving drunk driving. Secondly, in the past year, there have been no record of serious illegal activities such as over-the-counter passenger vehicles, such as overcrowding and speeding. At the same time, there have been no records of full marks in the last three consecutive scoring cycles.
In addition, Mima, the head of the Law and Publicity Section of the Traffic Police Corps of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region, introduced that for motorists who are driving to assemble or reach the standard of scrapping, the traffic control department of the public security organ collects and compulsory to scrap the motor vehicles; for the driver, more than 2,000 yuan. A fine of less than 5,000 yuan will be revoked, and the motor vehicle driver's license will be revoked; the vehicle owner will be fined between 80,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan, and the illegal income will be confiscated. At the same time, if the school bus service is provided by a vehicle that does not obtain the school bus signage, or if the school bus is driven by a person who has not obtained the school bus driving qualification, the traffic control department of the public security organ detains the motor vehicle, and the owner of the school bus is charged less than 10,000 yuan but less than 20,000 yuan. Fines, confiscation of illegal gains.
Inadvertently avoiding the school bus driver will be deducted 6 points According to the relevant laws and regulations, when the school bus stops on the road, students should stop on the right side of the road, and must open the danger alarm flash and turn on the parking indicator. On a road with only one motor vehicle lane, when the school bus needs to stop in the same direction, the rear vehicle should stop waiting and cannot overtake. When the school bus stops on the road with more than two motor vehicle lanes in the same direction, the motor vehicles on the rear of the school bus and the adjacent motor vehicle lanes should wait for parking, and the motor vehicles on other motor vehicle lanes should slow down. When the school bus stops, the motor vehicle waiting for parking at the rear cannot honk or use the light to urge.
At present, with the increase in the number of cars in the urban area of ​​Lhasa, the roads are becoming more and more crowded. How to ensure the safe passage of school buses during the peak period of vehicles has become an urgent problem to be solved. The "Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses" (Order No. 123 of the Ministry of Public Security), which will be implemented on January 1, 2013, clearly stipulates that the school bus has priority access rights: driving a motor vehicle does not evade the school bus as required. The driver will be deducted 6 points.

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