How to transport vegetables in small refrigerators

Although the requirements for vegetables in the refrigerated truck transportation are not the highest, due to the quality requirements of some vegetables, it is even more difficult for the refrigerated trucks to transport vegetables. Today, we will introduce to you how to use small refrigerators to transport vegetables.

Vegetable transportation must ensure that the quality of vegetables is good, the packaging must be properly, should not be loose, nor too tight, strong pressure, but also easy to ventilate, the size is appropriate. Each piece of delicate vegetables should not exceed 20 to 30 kilograms. Try to use less than 20 kilograms. It is advisable that the weight of vegetables to be transported is 30-40 kg per piece. Solid melons can be packaged in packages of 70 to 80 kg each. During loading, the air inside the vehicle should be considered to be smoothly circulated between the shipments, which is conducive to uniform temperature inside the vehicle, divergent breathing heat, and elimination of bad gases.


Leafy vegetables are characterized by their tenderness, their inability to squeeze, and their heat of breathing. Therefore, the goods loaded in the car have a large amount of heat, which is extremely easy to rot when handled improperly. Appropriate transportation temperature is about 0°C. Therefore, warm and hot seasons should be shipped using refrigerated trucks, and cold seasons should be transported by insulated trucks. The leafy vegetables were reduced to around 0°C, and a ventilation tube can be inserted into the shipment to assist in the inclusion of crushed ice. However, it should be noted that when the leek is below 0 °C, it will be frozen and the celery will be pressed.

Pumpkin, wax gourd, and yam vegetables are mainly used to control the quality of the goods and loading methods. The phenomenon of decay, softening, cracking, etc. was found not to be carried. This kind of goods is relatively solid, except that pumpkin and melon can be used without packaging. Other melon and potato vegetables are required to be packaged, and the weight of each piece should not exceed 80 kg. Loading method: Ventilation track should be left during the warm season; the outside temperature can be stacked when the outside temperature is lower than the transport temperature.

The basic requirements for the carriage of fresh and cooled eggs are: fresh color (white frost on eggshell surface or smooth and spotless), clean and intact, no cracking. The cooled egg carrier temperature should be 0°C to 3°C.

Fresh eggs and cooled eggs should be provided with crates of wooden crates, paper boxes with air holes, and bamboo crates. The packaging should be solid, with liners inside, and the liners should be dry and clean without odor. Warm and hot season should be selected for refrigerated trucks for refrigerated transport. In early spring and late autumn, boxcars can be used for ventilation and transportation. The box car chosen should have a wooden body or a wooden lining. It should not be used for cars that have damp, sharp spikes, and odors.

In short, because there are many kinds of vegetables, all the transportation methods are the same as the control temperature of different types of vegetables, which requires the owner to master the transportation skills of refrigerated trucks in order to ensure the quality and freshness of vegetables.

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