Semtech Releases New Chips for Smart Metering and Internet of Things

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Enterprise] Speaking of today's PLC RF LoRa, Xiaobian first took you back to review EnVerv. EnVerv entered the Chinese market 4 or 5 years ago. After that, they also established a cooperative relationship with some well-known domestic meter companies to seek opportunities for the development of 4G PLC technology in China's smart grid and smart metering markets. I do not know whether it is too late to wait for verification of the sample, or the threshold of the Chinese market is indeed not easy to tread, and slowly, this company faded out of people's vision.

Since the beginning of last year, LoRa technology has received more and more attention in the meter circle, especially in the water and gas industry. After that, everyone knows that this company called Semtech leads the way in high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. supplier. As the initiator of the LoRa Alliance, there have been reports from the media, which mentioned that ZTE Microelectronics and Semtech and more than 20 cooperative manufacturers have jointly established the China LoRa application cooperation ecosystem and are committed to promoting LoRa technology and building low-level skills. Consumables are deployed and applied to special networks to jointly serve the construction of smart cities. Several of them are from the metering industry, such as China.

Then in January 2015, Semtech acquired EnVerv.

The above is the background.

On May 3rd, Semtech announced the first chip in the industry that integrates PLC LoRa RF technology, model EV8600, for use in smart grids, smart metering, and the Internet of Things. The excellent features of this chip are: not only can reduce the operating cost of nearly 50% of the AMI network, but this innovative product can ensure that the network deployment of LoRa technology in the smart city and industrial automation field is more smooth. Whether it is a 10-500KHZ PLC environment or a 142-1050MHz RF environment, the EV8600 can be connected 100% with one chip. Even if the network is interrupted in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen event, the LoRa strain mode can be automatically adjusted to make the system more stable.

According to the relevant person in charge of Semtech, the EV8600 introduced Semtech's LoRa technology, which allows critical access and a more stable operating system to solve the “1% problem” that occurs in the AMI network. Usually, this 1% node that is difficult to handle may cause the system to malfunction. The cost increases by 50%. The migration of the AMI network to the PLC RF dual-mode architecture can cover the network 100%. Together with LoRa's technical assistance, each node becomes a LoRa gateway that serves devices based on LoRa technology and transmits data back through the PLC network. The LoRaWANTM network protocol makes it possible to seamlessly collaborate on smart products between networks!

To simplify the design, the EV8600 series embedded with Semtech's LoRa technology is responsible for connecting and routing algorithms between two internal demodulators and embeds dual image flash memory. The use of LoRa is also based on the addition of a wireless M-BUS protocol based on auxiliary metering equipment.

As the initiator of the international LoRa Alliance, Semtech is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, and its chips are widely used in communications, computer and computer interfaces, automatic inspection equipment, industrial and other commercial applications. LoRa technology is currently one of the most mature technologies in the industry-chain LPWAN technology with the most mature industrial chain, terminal cost, power consumption and signal penetration capability. With the full deployment of smart cities in China and the development needs of M-ICT for city intelligence, perception and interconnection, low-power, long-distance network technologies represented by LoRa emerge as the times require. It is believed that Semtech will have a broader scope in China. stage.

(Original title: PLC RF LoRa, considered as dual mode)

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