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With the increase in the use of portable devices such as smart phones and tablet computers and the rise of near-field wireless communication (nfc) technology, access control systems need to be able to use the access control system to complete multiple applications in addition to security. In the future, the security, integration capabilities, openness, application diversity, and cloud control capabilities of access control systems will be the future trend.

1. Security Like all technologies, newer systems are more secure and more mature.

2. Integration of access control systems Large-scale platforms such as “Internet of Things” and “Smart City” integrate transport, housing, security, hydropower, education, medical care, sports, entertainment, and government, and integrate comprehensive security management systems. Security technology, optimization of urban management and development, improvement of urban development challenges, and construction of a grid-based social security prevention and control system to enable future development of the city to be networked, high-definition, intelligent, and system-integrated, and to achieve coordinated multi-sectoral response The comprehensive command and dispatch to improve the ability to prevent and respond to various types of accidents, disasters, cases and emergencies.

Therefore, in the construction of large-scale platforms such as the Internet of Things and the construction of smart cities, the access control system is no longer a mode of individual operation of each subsystem, but must be able to integrate other professional systems such as building automation, closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft and fire alarm systems. Coordinated and coordinated so that the integrity and security of security can be improved.

3. Openness of the system The implementation of a variety of applications beyond the access control system includes applications such as electronic payment parking management, computer desktop login systems, elevator control, etc., and through the open access control architecture, seamless upgrades, providing different upgrade options for the future .

4. The application of mobile access control systems will increase and expand to other applications In 2012, the access control industry laid the foundation for deploying mobile access control solutions based on nfc mobile devices. Open the door and other applications through user-owned mobile phones, including accessing computers, networks, and related information using their own mobile phones, and using mobile phones to open doors and enter safe areas to bring more convenience to users.

5. Going to cloud applications With the advent of mobile access control, another issue worth paying attention to is how to deploy and manage the virtual credential card carried by the user's nfc smartphone. The enterprise will be able to configure the mobile access control virtual credential card in two ways. The first one is through Internet workstations (mobile devices connected to the network via USB or Wi-Fi) that are similar to the traditional plastic credentials cards. The second way is to perform over-the-air configuration by mobile network operators, similar to how smart phone users download applications and songs.

The mobile application will generate a one-time dynamic password or receive this password via SMS. Various other access key and virtual credential card will be sent from the air to the mobile phone through a convenient cloud-based configuration mode. This configuration mode eliminates credentials. The card is at risk of being copied and can issue temporary credential cards, cancel lost or stolen credential cards, and monitor and modify security parameters as needed.

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