Dongfeng Tianjin Washer Price, Dongfeng Tianjin Washer Factory Outlet

Dongfeng Tianjin Washer Price , Dongfeng Tianjin Washer Factory Outlet


Detailed vehicle description

   The sweeper adopts Dongfeng Tianjin National 52 chassis modification, installs auxiliary engine, fan, high pressure water pump, clean water tank, dustbin, left and right sweep, wide suction nozzle with spray bar, low pressure flushing system, dustbin Self-cleaning, sweeper dust reduction system, hydraulic system, special device electronic control system and sub-frame, etc.

1.    Dongfeng Tianjin (4700/5000 wheelbase) type 52 chassis of the country, the cab with front turn, direction assist, 9.00R20 tire, front and rear axle with air shock absorber. Equipped with Cummins 180 engine, with exhaust brake, lightweight, ultra quiet, low fuel consumption.

2.    The secondary engine uses a powerful Cummins 170 engine. (figure 1)


figure 1

3.    The automatic clutch drives the fan and high pressure water pump to reduce the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops. The clutch has advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption, and cost saving during use.

4.    Using listed companies in Luoyang, North Glass Taixin wear-resistant maintenance-free centrifugal fan, no noise, high efficiency and large wind, long service life. (figure 2)


figure 2

5.    The high pressure water pump adopts German Pin Fu, the flow rate is appropriate, the pressure is high, and the maximum pressure is allowed to reach 10 MPa.

6.    The clean water tank makes full use of the on-board space, large capacity, built-in water level alarm, anti-corrosion inside the water tank, anti-rust, anti-virus treatment, make the water pump run safer, and ensure the cleaning efficiency.

7.    The dustbin adopts a double-layer stainless steel inner structure and is equipped with a filter screen inside, which can effectively prevent airborne particles such as leaves and plastic bags from blocking the outlet of the air outlet and dust. Built-in sewage alarm system, through the sewage valve at the rear door to facilitate the discharge of sewage to the sewer, maximize the use of the trash cans to fill the space. The car body is tilted and unloaded with a high pressure flushing device.

8.    The self-cleaning device can help discharge the trash when it is unloaded, cleaning the inside of the trash.

9.    The left and right vertical sweeps are single sweeps, which reduces the number of sweeps and sweep consumption and can reduce the cost of use. A water spray device is installed on the brush to spray dust. Left and right sweeps separate the control, which can realize different operation modes such as right sweep and full sweep. (image 3)


image 3

10.        The width of the suction mouth of the wide suction nozzle reaches 2000mm, ensuring that the total width of the operation is greater than 3m. Four height-adjustable suction nozzle wheels can easily adjust and ensure a reasonable clearance between the suction nozzle and the road surface, so as to achieve a better suction effect and a higher suction efficiency. (Figure 4)


Figure 4

11.        There is a water spray rod in the sucker, and the high pressure wash nozzle is arranged inside the sucker, which not only has a good cleaning effect, but also can minimize the secondary pollution caused by the high pressure water flow rushing from the dirt. The left and right booms are mounted on the suction cups, which are simple and compact with the suction cups up and down to ensure that the height of the spray rods is constant and reach the best cleaning effect.

12.        The adjustable spray boom on the rear of the carriage eliminates secondary pollution and beautifies the road surface while saving water. (Figure 5)


Figure 5

13.        The hydraulic components are integrated and integrated, and the electro-hydraulic centralized control of the cab enables easy operation. The manual push button hydraulic system of the cab drives mechanical actions such as left and right vertical sweeping, left and right sweeping rib rotation, nozzle lifting and lowering, opening and closing of the rear door of the garbage can and dumping of dumpsters. (Figure 6)


Figure 6

14.        The swash plate cycloid motor is imported from the United States Eaton, the service life is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low.

15.        The hydraulic pipeline adopts the German standard technology sealing structure, which has good anti-vibration performance and high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect.

16.        Adopt Sino-foreign joint venture hydraulic solenoid valve, the key electronic control components adopt Siemens electrical switch, which has high reliability and long service life. (Figure 7)


Figure 7

17.        The manual pump emergency system is installed, and the trash can is lifted when the secondary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance.

18.        LED warning lights are used at the rear to ensure safe operation. (Figure 8)


Figure 8

19.        Non-stainless steel parts are treated with electrophoretic rust-proof and durable.

20.        The sub-frame load beam is welded with square steel with a section length of 160mm, width of 80mm and thickness of 10mm, which ensures the safety of the vehicle and makes the vehicle safer.

twenty one.        The car is equipped with a 17-meter high-pressure flush reel and a high-pressure water gun. It is more convenient and efficient to clear sidewalks and small advertisements on roads. (Figure 9)


Figure 9

twenty two.        Appearance modeling computer design, high side skirt, surface transition, the overall coordination of symmetry. Create low fuel consumption, low noise, streamlined design. (Figure 10)


Figure 10

twenty three.        The vehicle can be equipped with snow shovels, lifting platforms and antiaircraft guns according to customer requirements. Make full use of space to achieve a multi-purpose vehicle. (Figure 11)


Figure 11

Tianjin 4700/5000 wheelbase sweeper parameter table



Washing vehicle

Vehicle model



8600,8300 ×2480×3100mm

Total mass


Maintenance quality






Tian Jin




Cummins 180 hp




Water tank capacity


Trash capacity


Secondary engine

Cummins 170 hp

Cleaning operation

Maximum cleaning width (including edge cleaning width)


Maximum cleaning width (excluding edge cleaning width)


Cleaning speed


Cleaning water rated pressure


Cleaning water rated flow

122L /min

Cleaning operation

Sweep width


Cleaning speed


Cleaning speed


Maximum cleaning capacity

70000 M2 /h

Dump bin corner


Low pressure flush width


  *Note: This parameter is the standard of the manufacturer, and the actual parameters are different according to customer requirements.

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