Equipment modification and renewal

The transformation of equipment is aimed at the production needs, applying the new achievements of science and technology to the existing equipment of the enterprise, changing the technical appearance of the existing equipment and improving the modernization level of the equipment. The equipment is updated with relatively economical and relatively complete equipment, instead of materials that cannot be used continuously, or economically unsuitable for use, enabling enterprises to obtain advanced and applicable technical equipment in the dynamics of scientific and technological development. Production is based on advanced material technology.

Cleaning equipment is mainly used to clean up large, medium and small impurities (wheat straw, wheat bran, sandy soil, wheat hair) and stone chips in raw grain. The quality of flour is guaranteed. This type of equipment can also be used for cleaning and seed selection of other cereals. The machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, low noise, good dust removal effect, simple operation, simple and convenient maintenance and so on.

Washing equipment

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Flour Machine Washing Equipment

Flour Machine Washing Equipment,Flour Purifier Machine,Clean Grain Machine,Cleaning Grain Machine

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