An Analysis of the Regeneration Technology of an Automobile Fitting

Grinding method Grinding method is mainly used to increase the inner diameter of the bearing and reduce the outer diameter of the bearing so that the inner and outer diameters of the bearing reach the specified values. Regardless of the type of bearing, there are three main dimensions: inner diameter, outer diameter and width. Under normal circumstances should choose the same size of the three bearings, when the election can not be selected as close to the size of the bearing, so that the bearing capacity of the replacement bearing and the original bearing close. When contemporary bearings need to be jacketed (inner sleeve or outer sleeve), the sleeve and shaft or housing hole must be matched with the original bearing. The wall thickness of the sleeve should be increased. The material of the sleeve should be steel or chrome steel (also available Old parts of steel, such as drill rods and axle shafts, are machined into). Reorganization method of automobile oil seal. Remodeling method The remodeling method of the automobile oil seal is mainly to insert the sleeve (inner sleeve) on the shaft or insert the sleeve (outer sleeve) in the oil seal seat hole so that the selected oil seal can be installed and used. The jacket is usually A3 steel, while the inner sleeve is usually steel. The thickness of the jacket and inner sleeve must not be less than 1.5. An interference fit is used between the jacket and the crude oil seal hole, and between the inner hole of the jacket and the oil seal is the cooperation of the crude oil seal and the seat hole. An interference fit is used between the inner sleeve and the journal, and between the inner sleeve and the oil seal is the cooperation between the crude oil seal and the journal. Precautions Oil seals are generally not replaced, and are replaced only when it leaks. Please pay attention to the following matters when changing.

When the oil seal is only a slight oil leak, if there is an accessory, the oil seal can be replaced; if there is no accessory, the car can still be driven for a short time to look for an accessory. Care should be taken when disassembling the oil seal to prevent damage to the oil seal, shaft, and oil seal seat hole to facilitate further judgment of the cause of the oil leak. Because the oil leakage is not always caused by damage to the seal, it may be due to other reasons (such as shaft wear). Do not use gasoline to clean rubber parts. When assembling the seals and cups, pay attention to clean the sealing surface and the center of the alignment, and note that the shaft and the bearing must not be loosened. For the important parts and oil seals used to prevent the leakage of low-grade cat oils, the original oil seals should be used as far as possible to avoid re-generation. If the oil seal is basically normal, the main reason for the oil leakage is that the shaft has flaws or wear grooves, you can continue to work by changing the relative position of the oil seal and the shaft. The specific method is: on the back of the oil seal with a 0.3m-1.0 washer, so that the oil seal is no longer leaking. In addition, the spring can be tightened slightly to prevent oil from leaking. High quality oil seals can be used instead of low quality oil seals.

It is advisable not to destroy the size of the journal and oil seal seat in the oil seal when retrofitting the oil seal so that the standard oil seal can be used immediately when a standard oil seal is obtained. The fit between the outer diameter of the oil seal and the hole of the oil seal seat must comply with regulations to prevent damage to the oil seal seat hole due to loose fit. Note on the replacement of the combination switch Note After the damage of the original car's combination switch, a single ordinary switch can be used to temporarily replace the damaged switch in the combination switch. The common switch can be fixed in the spare switch hole on or below the instrument panel. Can also be fixed in other suitable positions), but pay attention to the following two points when replacing the combination switch: the diameter of the connecting wire must not be arbitrarily reduced; do not cut off all the wire ends in the original car line in order to buy The new combination switch is easy to connect. Remodeling of Electric Gasoline Pumps Imported electric gasoline pumps are generally fully sealed and cannot be repaired after oil leakage and must be replaced. In the case of an inaccessible accessory, a QBin-type transistor fuel pump can be used instead, but in this case, a bracket must be made to install the transistor fuel pump. Regeneration of flashers At present, electronic flashers with dangerous alarm functions are commonly used on imported automobiles. After the electronic flasher burns out, if no original parts can be purchased at a time, domestic electric flashers can be used instead. However, although this kind of flasher can make the turn signal send a turn signal, it can't make the turn signal lamp send out the danger warning signal. If there is still a danger alarm signal, use an electrothermal flasher and a starter relay to replace it. The specific method is to install the electric flasher and starter relay on an iron plate with a length, width, and thickness of 10, 50.2, and 12 respectively, and lift the iron plate under the dashboard, and then use the method to connect the original. Car hazard warning switch). After the conversion of the flasher for passenger car 1 in the ring 1 after such modification, two current loops through the flasher are generated when the hazard alarm switch is turned on. One of the current loops is: battery positive pole, fuse, flasher, battery terminal, flasher switch terminal, hazard alarm switch, right turn signal, ground, battery, negative battery. The current in this loop causes the right turn signal to flash. The other current loop is: battery positive pole fuse ~ flasher battery terminal ~ flasher switch terminal a dangerous alarm switch, start relay coil ~ ground ~ battery negative. The starter relay contacts can be directly replaced by the blinking of the right turn signal. If they are to be replaced, the frequency of the ground of the generator must be switched on and off so that the left turn signal lamp flashes at the same time (the type is changed to the corresponding type when the contact is closed. For example. : When the former is used in place of the latter, the battery needs to be turned to the left by the fuse and the starter relay contacts. The ground generator is replaced by the inside ground generator, which is to connect the excitation of the excitation winding). At this time, the left and right turn signals flash at the same time, sending out a danger report. One of the two terminals is insulated from the rear end cover of the generator and the other signal is sent. A connection with the generator rear cover (ground). Due to the starter relay coil current in the electric flasher circuit. For electromagnetic vibrating regulators, the contact clearance must be carefully adjusted to only about 0.3 people. Therefore, the blinking frequency of the turn signal lights is not significant and the spring force is not enough, and sometimes the additional resistance should be further checked. For change. For a generator with a nominal voltage of 14V, the regulator voltage of the regulator should be adjusted for the generation of the generator.

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