Nantong Dishi FPSO drilling water jacket fixing device project started

On January 25th, the Brazilian oil FPSO drilling water jacket fixing device project undertaken by Nantong Disch was officially started. Petrobras shipowners represent Mr.Paulo Martins, Mr.Bellas, Brazilian ECOVIX company Mr.Simao, Shanghai COSCO Shipping Vice President Pu Hongbin, ABS ship inspection Yang Yan, Nantong Disch company leader and project team The members participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the day.
The FPSO drilling water jacket fixing device project of Petrobras, which is subcontracted by Shanghai COSCO Shipyard and Nantong Disch, has a steel structure of more than 1,560 tons and a maximum thickness of 125mm. It is scheduled to be completed in April 2013. This project is another Haigong special steel structure thick plate undertaken by Nantong Dishi after completing the Nantong COSCO Shipyard SUPER M2 Jackcase production project, the windmill boat leg production project and the Zhoushan 150m barge water launching and sliding track project. Welding engineering. The design, technology, management, manufacturing, and process control of the project were completed independently by Nantong Disch from the production design to the completion of the project. The implementation of the project means that Nantong Disch has the manufacturing capacity for the strong steel structure thick plate welding project of such offshore engineering projects.
In order to ensure the smooth implementation of this project, Nantong Di Shi has set up a project team from various departments to fully develop the spirit of Shanghai COSCO Shipyard “Sword” and strive to ensure the completion of the project on time with high quality engineering quality and project management capabilities.

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