Turbo Clutch′s Cable Drum for Electric Hydraulic Grab Bucket

Model NO.: YPDJ60100
HS Code: 8431410000
Cable drum is a cable winding device that provides power supply, control power or control signal for mobile devices. It is widely used in marine deck crane, port gate crane, container crane, loading machine, tower crane and other similar working conditions of heavy machinery equipment.
Cable drum is divided into: spring drive cable drum, motor driven cable drum and hydraulic coupling type cable drum.
The spring-driven cable drum is used to control the roll-up of the cable, which is mainly used for the use of high-altitude cranes, stacking devices or wastewater treatment. The flange of the spring-driven drum is made of galvanized metal sheet and the outer edge of the flange is crimped. The core of scrolls is made of metal sheet and the outer layer is protected by polyester coating, which can effectively prevent corrosion.
The power part and speed control part of the motor driven cable drum are borne by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical characteristics. The motor speed range is wide and has a soft mechanical characteristic. When the load changes, the working speed of the motor changes correspondingly, namely, the load increases, the speed decreases, and the load decreases and the speed increases. And motor can in its torque and rotational speed on the mechanical characteristic curve of any point can be long-term stable operation, so can ensure that the cable on the reel corresponding radius for the appropriate winding tension and speed of students.
Hydraulic coupling type cable reel with hydraulic coupling, clutch, when release cable, hydraulic coupler separate the motor slowly, slowly through the lower part of cable lifting the weight of things drive cable release. When the cable is taken, the cable is charged by the motor running. The structure is small, simple in shape and reliable in operation.
operation environment:
The altitude is no more than 2,000 meters.
Ambient temperature: - 20 ºC to + 45 ºC.
Allow to work in the places where the rain, splashing and non-corrosive gas dust are allowed to be protected by IH56 class.
Rated working voltage: 380V / 440V, 50Hz / 60Hz.
In addition, we can provide customized cable drum according to your requirements, welcome to contact us for more information.

Turbo Clutch's Cable Drum for Electric Hydraulic Grab Bucket

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