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Tianmen Air Shower Room

All cabinets and decorative materials of Tianmen Air Shower shall be able to withstand normal wear, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning. Qingdao Hongfan blow-chamber material has stable performance, sufficient strength, and fire and moisture resistance.

★ QS shower room manufacturers all surfaces should be made of materials that have a smooth surface and are not susceptible to corrosion. Plate thickness should meet the strength requirements, Tianmen air shower room purchase points:

1, to understand the air shower - Qingdao Hongfan qs certification special air shower main structure and accessories, is composed of fan, high efficiency filter, control circuit, box and other major components, the price difference is basically due to this The differences between several accessories are different. With the improvement of the professionalism of the air shower room and the air shower room of the clean room, the process of Qingdao Hongfan air shower has been more and more elaborate, from the original manual shower to the Now fully automatic shower, wind speed from 18m / s to 26m / s increase, so that the performance of the air shower has a qualitative improvement.

Air shower -Qingdao Hongfan QS certification special air shower price factor: the design of the box is relatively large, each air shower - Qingdao Hongfan qs certification special air shower manufacturer based on different design experience and cost positioning The factory's internal structure of the air shower product is also different, according to industry standards, the air shower generally have static pressure box, fan cushion, fan soft joints, double blow or three blow, then there should be air duct and other structures, and then say Some of the manual work processes, such as the coordination of door frames and doors, the sealing and aesthetics of glass glue, and the post-cleaning work, are all reflections of a company’s service philosophy. It is recommended that the company conduct a one-to-one review of the supplier's production and processing capabilities, product price positioning, customer cases, and industry reputation in order to avoid mistakes and eliminate bad products from entering the company and affecting the company's production.

2, the safety specification points: air shower - Qingdao Hongfan QS certification special air shower is the necessary channel for people to enter the clean room, it can reduce the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean room, reducing the access to human goods The large amount of dust particles installed from the clean room's entrance to a fully functional “airlock” can reduce the amount of airborne particles. When human cargo passes through the air shower, the particles are ejected by high-efficiency filtered high-purity air, 25m. A high wind speed above /s ensures that effective jetting and drifting of particles is substantially filtered out by the primary and high efficiency two-stage filters.


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