·The retired deputy cadres of the Beijing Military Region have fully recovered the vehicles

On the 13th, the "Liberation Army Daily" disclosed the special clean-up and rectification work carried out by the military and the armed police forces. According to the report, in the work of Qingqing Qingqing Qingqing Qingren, the unreasonable housing that has been identified has all been retired, and the retired and deputy military leading cadres have all recovered.
The Beijing Military Region has determined that the unreasonable housing has been fully retired. The "People's Liberation Army Daily" reported that the Beijing Military Region continued to deepen the work of clearing houses and clearing vehicles. The unreasonable housings that have been identified have all been retired, and the retired deputy military leading cadres have all recovered. The group army of the group achieved zero-level editing of the cadre at the regiment level.
On July 25 last year, the troops issued the "Notice on Further Improving the Cleanup of Irregular Cadres for Irregular Housing Vehicles", requiring the entire army and the armed police forces to ensure that they are retired and do not leave a dead end. According to the requirements, if the overdue refusal is not refunded, the rent shall be calculated according to the highest rent of the commercial housing market in the same place, and the financial department shall directly deduct the salary from the person's salary; suspend various service guarantees and suspend the welfare payment.

In the first quarter, the official reception expenses dropped significantly. According to the report, the major units focused on the rectification of the CMC patrol and audit handover issues. More than 78% of the first batch of patrol transfer problems have been investigated; the first quarter administrative expenditure and official duties Reception costs dropped significantly.
The Guangzhou Military Region combines the financial work and the military committee's inspection and feedback problems, and adopts a method of item-by-item, one-by-one bill verification, and item-by-item account matching, and conducts a net-type inventory check on the units above the regiment. Range of expenses. Jinan military division of the industry sub-system to rectify, through the bulk of materials to grasp the management, small amount of materials to grasp online shopping, professional team grasping self-discipline and other standardized materials procurement, the first quarter quarterly rate of 27%.
The Nanjing Military Region has seen a significant increase in the consumption of guns. In terms of military training, the article said that all levels of the military are closely following the strong military preparations to promote cleanup and rectification. Taking the Nanjing Military Region as an example, the Nanjing Military Region focused on finding outstanding problems in military training, compiling the "Comprehensive Outline of Practical Training", and organizing troops to train according to the combat process. In the first quarter, all kinds of bullets, grenades, and motorcycles were consumed. Both have increased significantly compared to previous years.
Memory The Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission held the meeting four times. Since the beginning of the year, the whole army and the armed police force have carried out "7 special clean-up and rectification".
In January this year, the military set up a leading group for education reform of the whole army and held its first meeting. At the second meeting held in March, the military researched and deployed the special democratic life meeting of the military-level units and promoted the "7 special clean-up and rectification work", that is, the cadre work inspection, the financial work, the Qing Qing Qing Qing Qing and Training style, style, style, "five", grassroots atmosphere.
The article of the "Liberation Army Daily" stated that Xi Jinping, the chairman of the Central Military Commission, attached great importance to the difficulties in rectifying and rectifying, and made important instructions in several important meetings and occasions. Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, presided over the meeting to make arrangements for the inspection of all military cadres, the clearing of financial work, the audit and the cleanup and rectification of affordable housing.
The article revealed that the entire military education rectification leading group specially convened a meeting to make specific arrangements, and sent 14 supervision teams to strengthen supervision and inspection.
In addition, the major units have generally established a leading group for education rectification, and the main leaders personally grasped and appointed the Standing Committee of the Party Committee to be specifically responsible for the specific rectification of the listing and the sales of the accounts.

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