The Monkey King of Yunnan Wild Animal Park was born out of the monkeys

Yunnan safari Monkey King off-season baby was cheated by monkeys diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-10-26

Kunming, 26th on the 26th, the reporter learned from the Yunnan Wildlife Park, 25th afternoon, Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo Monkey Ring Mimi Mimi, anti-season produced a small lemur. The couple fight side by side to jointly guard the crystallization of love.
At 16 o'clock on the 25th on the 25th, the wild zoo lemur hall is extremely lively. The breeder Long Haitao immediately came to the inspection and found that the group of monkeys were siege to Monkey King Mimi and male monkeys fat. Carefully, Mimi had a monkey on her body.
How Ren Long Haitao drove, the chaotic monkeys were still chasing Mimi and fat. Mimi tightly guarded the child, who would not touch. This can infuriate the monkey population. The mother monkeys that are usually respectful to Mimi are rushing towards Mimi. Mimi did not see the situation, and quickly turned to the habitat. Monkeys like to see Mimi want to escape, quickly outflanking. The intercepted Mimi had no choice but to hold it as a group to let the monkeys tear on it. The usual majestic Mimi was torn off a lot of hair and was also scratched. But it does not protect the child at all, allowing the monkeys to attack. Fat was bitten on the ground by several male monkeys.
Suddenly, the monkeys spread out all at once and the monkeys were taken away in the chaos. But Mimi and Fat were also surrounded by four lemurs in a corner. At this time everyone's eyes are focused on this monkey. All are scrambling to rush. The newly born monkeys were seen by the "aunts" with their tails in their tails and were thrown around in the monkeys. Mimi broke free of the bondage and rushed into the monkey community. When the monkey was thrown into the air, he turned and leapt to catch the monkey and turned to rush into the inner room. At this time, the fat jumped to the door to block the monkeys that were about to be chased away. The monkeys swung again and again. Not long afterwards, Fat sees Mimi safely fleeing and jumps into the inner room. When Long Haitao saw it, he immediately closed the isolation door and separated Mimi and fat into the inner room. The monkey has suffered this toss and can only lie softly on Mimi's chest. The couple squatted under the heat lamp and licked the wound on Mimi's body to help him groom his hair. Mimi licked her child and cleaned her hair. A short while later, the fat monkey took over the monkey to help it groom her hair. The veterinarian immediately examined Mimi's wound. Fortunately, it was just a skin injury. Breeder Long Haitao said: Usually Mimi's and fat's feelings are also very good, eating together and sleeping together.
It is understood that ring-tailed lemurs mate during estrus from September to December of each year, until the second year of breeding between March and May. It is also the first time that the ring-tailed lemur was born in Yunnan Wild Animal Park in the off-season. After the Monkey King is born, all mother monkeys in the ethnic group will help the Monkey King to take care of the children and will never be attacked or expelled. After Mimi was deported after giving birth, he was puzzled by the breeder Long Haitao.
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