Small and medium-sized equipment companies want to share coal chemical feast

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Recently, the "Coal Deep Processing Demonstration Project Plan" and "Coal Deep Processing Industry Development Policy" prepared by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau have passed the office of the National Development and Reform Commission and will be implemented. Among them, there are 18 key demonstration contents such as gasification technology, synthesis technology and large-scale equipment, and 15 coal deep processing demonstration projects in 11 provinces and autonomous regions including Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. This news once again caught the attention of all equipment manufacturers.

Compared with the traditional coal chemical and petrochemical industries, the new coal chemical equipment is more complex and complex. It is difficult to manufacture, weld, transport, and install, and has high precision. During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, large-scale equipment enterprises participated in the demonstration of coal chemical industry. The manufacture of the project. Then, how do medium and small equipment companies think and do it? To this end, the reporter conducted a survey interview recently.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the declared amount of investment in the coal chemical industry exceeded 2 trillion yuan. Equipment investment accounts for about 50% of the total investment in coal chemical projects. If these investments are 50% in place, the investment in coal chemical equipment will exceed 500 billion yuan.

“The coal chemical market is very big, and we also want to enter, but due to the limitation of manufacturing capacity, we can't do more than 100 tons of single equipment. Because the company’s visibility is small, it is difficult to get orders in the coal chemical market, even if it participates in Only small equipment can be processed," said a general manager of a high pressure container company in Shandong, told reporters. His voice also represents the voice of the vast majority of small and medium-sized equipment companies - in the face of a huge coal chemical equipment market, they are envious, jealous, helpless and hesitant.

In response, Xu Yuansheng of Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. believes that coal chemical production is becoming larger and larger, and corresponding equipment also needs to be large-scaled. If equipment manufacturing companies are merely playing tricks, the development path can only be Narrower and narrower.

Tang Hongqing, technical consultant of China National Synthetic Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. also believes that large-scale coal chemical projects nowadays are large-scale equipment manufacturers. Those equipment manufacturing companies that have not participated in large-scale projects must first do a good job in small projects and accumulate performance. With credibility and credibility gained by users, they will participate in major projects. This is also a path that must be taken for the development of enterprises.

Then, in such a huge market, are small and medium-sized equipment enterprises not involved? Some small and medium-sized equipment enterprises have given good answers with practical actions by taking the road of technological innovation and characteristics.

Zhangjiagang Hualing Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized equipment manufacturing company with 24 meters long heat treatment furnace, maximum lifting capacity of 200 tons, and maximum hot coil thickness of 140 mm. Yao Ming, marketing manager of the company, told the reporter that since 2008, they have entered the coal chemical market. In 2009, they manufactured coolers and heat exchangers for the coal-to-ethylene glycol plant of Tongliao Jinmei Chemical Co., Ltd.; for Henan Yongjin Chemical Co., Ltd. The Investment Management Co., Ltd. coal-to-glycol project processed and manufactured hydrogenation reactor feed heaters.

"Since last October, we have manufactured more than 50 million yuan worth of equipment such as coolers and heat exchangers for 1.8 million tons of methanol-to-methanol plant and 500,000 tons/year of ethylene glycol plant at Ningbo Haoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Yao Ming said with delight: "We have worked closely with scientific research and design institutes to crack down on marketing problems where processing equipment inputs and orders are out of synch." Hua Dian Chemical Co., Ltd. and Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated Huadian 10,000-ton methanol production The development and manufacture of light hydrocarbon vaporizers, toluene tower reboilers, and toluene superheaters in the aromatics industrial test project have laid a good foundation for them to win the market in the future.

In 2005, Yunnan Dawei Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., through cooperation with China Wuhuan Chemical Engineering Corporation, introduced advanced foreign manufacturing technology and conducted secondary development in the development and manufacture of large coal gasifiers and high-temperature and high-pressure fly ash filters. Mastered the key technologies for large-scale heavy chemical equipment manufacturing in China. They cooperated with Kunming University of Science and Technology in the development and manufacturing of a 300,000-ton/year urea key equipment integrated multi-layered urea synthesis tower and adopted an overall multi-layered packing structure and a new leak detection device to eliminate the hidden dangers of traditional products. , won the trust of users. In just a short period of three years, they achieved the performance that several domestic chemical equipment manufacturers have achieved for decades.

Dong Shusen, chief engineer of Dalian Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., believes that SMEs relying on price wars are not the road to development. To enter the field of coal chemical industry, only take the road of characteristics, equipment is not large, but in the fine, have their own specialty products, do the core Proprietary technology equipment so that it is competitive.

Lanzhou Changzheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of air-cooled heat exchangers. Xu Feng, marketing manager of the company’s sales department, told reporters that from the processing of high-pressure air coolers, they have processed and manufactured more than 400 air coolers in the coal chemical industry, and they have also formed their own characteristics in the area of ​​special materials and high pressure air cooling. .

At the same time, industry experts also reminded small and medium-sized equipment enterprises that when they enter the coal chemical market, hard power and soft power should be increased simultaneously. Soft power such as heat treatment and welding talents is also very important.

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