NVC Lighting boosts the development of LED industry standardization industry

On December 30th, the LED lighting standard optical component testing joint laboratory awarding ceremony was issued by LED Lighting Standard Optical Component Application and R&D Alliance. It was held at NVC Lighting Huizhou Base, and NVC became the first batch of pilot institutions. This award not only fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of NVC Lighting in the independent research and development and testing of LED products, but also means that in the future development, NVC will take more responsibility in the LED lighting standardization process. And obligations.
Integrating resources to accelerate the development and promotion of LED standardization While the LED lighting is growing rapidly, the domestic LED lighting industry still faces problems such as lack of core technologies, insufficient patent layout, and lack of industry standards. Mr. Wu Changjiang, founder and president of NVC Lighting, believes that there is no authoritative standard in the LED lighting industry, but everyone is working hard. He said that because the LED technology is developing too fast, the standard can't keep up. In addition, the standard can't be chaotic, and it needs to be recognized by the market. Otherwise, it will be a castle in the air. At the same time, it is also believed that large enterprises in the industry have the advantage in standard setting and have the responsibility to actively promote.
In 2013, it was hailed as the standard year for the LED lighting industry. In April of this year, NVC Lighting officially joined the LED lighting standard optical component application alliance for the purpose of promoting LED lighting standard optical component application, setting off a new climax of LED lighting standard optical component promotion and application. Under the integration of industry resources, with the support of relevant government agencies, the development and promotion of LED lighting industry standards can be carried out more effectively.
As the giant of China's lighting industry, in the early stage of LED lighting development, NVC Lighting has carried out targeted research and layout, gradually matured in the market, quickly entered the critical period of LED lighting era, and rapidly increased the research and development and productivity of LED. It has successively reached strategic cooperation with world-renowned LED chip companies. At the same time, it fully integrated LED upstream resources and accelerated the pace of transition to LED.
R&D and innovation model leads the industry development The development of LED lighting industry is inseparable from the guidance of national policies and the cultivation of cluster advantages, especially the pioneering role of leading enterprises. As a leading brand in the domestic lighting industry, NVC Lighting actively leads the transformation in the process of transforming the traditional lighting industry from LED lighting to LED lighting, fully witnessing, participating in and promoting the development of China's LED lighting industry.
NVC Lighting Testing Center was founded in 2003. According to the international standard management system, the lighting laboratory was established in Huizhou, Guangdong and Wanzhou, Chongqing. With a total investment of more than 20 million yuan, it has introduced a large number of internationally synchronized testing and testing equipment, and established a professional laboratory team to quickly improve the efficiency and speed of NVC's independent research and development and technological innovation. In October 2011, NVC Lighting Inspection Center was identified as the accredited laboratory of SGS through the audit of SGS, the world's largest product certification organization. This accredited laboratory is the first in the domestic lighting industry. It can be said that NVC Lighting Testing Center is the largest, most functional and strongest lighting product testing center in China.
This NVC lighting and LED lighting standard optical component application and R&D alliance work together to establish a joint testing laboratory to fully carry out the research work on the standardization of LED lighting components, which is not only conducive to promoting scientific research cooperation and formation between enterprises and research institutes and universities. Industry-University-Research Alliance; also provides a better R&D testing platform for the standardization process of the entire LED industry. It can be said that the establishment of the joint testing laboratory has greatly promoted the standardization process of the entire LED industry, better improved industrial efficiency and enterprise competitiveness, and brought the R&D products to the market faster.
According to Shi Yongjun, spokesperson of NVC Lighting, as a global brand of Chinese brands, NVC Lighting aims to create a world-class brand and become a respected Chinese company. In the process of internationalization, the LED business has become The core engine for the future development of NVC Lighting. NVC Lighting hopes to take advantage of the opportunity established by the laboratory, rely on technological innovation, integrate multi-party resources, enhance the overall strength of China's LED lighting brand, and let Chinese lighting brands truly go global.

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