Molybdenum ore beneficiation flotation and grinding process

The molybdenum ore beneficiation mainly uses the flotation method as the main process, and the flotation agent uses a non-polar oil as a collector and a foaming agent.

The nature of the ore, as modifier with lime, sodium silicate gangue as inhibitors, sometimes add cyanide or sulfide minerals inhibit other heavy metals.

In order to ensure the quality of molybdenum concentrate, heavy metal minerals such as copper , lead and iron contained in molybdenum concentrate, calcium oxide and carbonaceous minerals need to be further separated, generally using sodium sulfide or sodium hydrosulfide, cyanide or ferricyanide. manufactured copper and iron; inhibition by weight of lead chromate.

If an inhibitor is used, the impurity content does not reach the quality standard, and it needs to be supplemented by chemical beneficiation: secondary copper sulfide is leached with cyanide; chalcopyrite is leached with ferric chloride solution; galena with hydrochloric acid and trichloro The leaching of the iron solution can reach the standard content.

Molybdenum ore beneficiation equipment grinding usually uses a ball mill or rod grinding-ball milling process.

Flotation uses the preferred flotation method.

Rough selection of molybdenum coarse concentrates, coarse sweeping of tailings to recover associated minerals or disposal.

The molybdenum coarse concentrate is re-milled in two or three stages, and the final molybdenum concentrate is obtained in four or five times.

Under suitable grinding fineness, the molybdenite crystal dissociation occurs between the S-Mo-S layers, and the hydrophilic S-Mo surface accounts for a small proportion.

However, when over-grinding, the proportion of S-Mo surface increases, and the floatability decreases. Although a certain amount of polar collector such as xanthate is added at this time, it is beneficial to the recovery of molybdenum ore, but the new slime produced by over-grinding Affect the flotation effect.

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