Jiangyan’s large-scale boom crane D720 passes the design review

Recently, China Weapons Industry Group Co., Ltd. Jiangyan Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. has actively developed new products through market research. Another large-scale crane tower crane D720 has passed design review.
According to market information, China has more than 200 skyscrapers under construction. It is expected that there will be an average of one skyscraper per day in the next three years. Five years later, China will have 800 skyscrapers. It is based on such a large potential business opportunity that the reloading company has always adhered to market-oriented R&D directions in the research and development of ultra-large tower cranes. At present, it is planned to invest in the trial-produced D720. The tower crane research institute conducted a preliminary investigation in 2010. Its main parameters are all tailored to the market demand. In order to get closer to the market and reduce the blindness of development as much as possible, the company organized the famous domestic tower crane industry experts and representatives of large construction units in May this year to conduct a design review of the D720. It can be expected that with the launch of the D720 into the market, the popularity of the Jiangyin tower crane will surely increase, opening a new era for the use of large crane tower cranes in Jiangyan. (This article comes from Jiangyan company)
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