If the vehicle enters the water and cannot open the door, it must be broken immediately.

On the evening of July 21, a man under the Guangqumen Bridge was trapped and killed in a water-logged buggy. In the face of such a situation, what kind of method should the driver take to save himself? If the door is difficult to open, which tool is the best choice for broken windows? In recent days, experts and netizens have been mobilized and the opinions vary.

To verify these methods, yesterday afternoon, the reporter used the online recommended "headrest on the car seat", "tow hooks in car tools," hammers, and other tools to do window tests in a domestic SUV. . Experiments have found that men can't use the headrest to break the window with full force, and hammers, trailer hooks and other hard, heavy, and easy-to-flick tools can break through the windows; the glass corners are thinner than the glass centers. More easily broken.

Consulting auto repair expert Pan Xudong said that when the car was just flooded and the door could not be opened, the driver should break the window and escape as soon as possible. He said that if the vehicle suddenly enters the water and the water has not passed over the wheels, the vehicle will generally be difficult to control because of buoyancy. At this point, you should decisively escape from the window. After the front window has been submerged, the possibility of life in the car is very small. As for whether there are different reactions to the underwater car windows, the expert said that it has not been proved in practice.

In addition, Pan Xudong said that the window film has a certain impact on the effectiveness of the window. The general solar film has little effect on the shatterproof of windows, and the use of the right tools for car windows won't make much difference. However, explosion-proof membranes have a protective effect on glass and can disperse external forces. In addition, the glass with the explosion-proof membrane will not drop immediately if it is broken, but it will be broken in a net shape.

Experimental sample: Great Wall Harvard experiment Objective: To find the best window escape method

Failure of an experimental pillow steel pipe

The purpose of the experiment: Many car manuals introduce that when the door lock cannot be opened from the inside, you can pull out the head restraint inserted in the seat and use the hard steel pipe under the head restraint to break the window glass. The experimenter used the steel pipe under the headrest to attack the center and corners of the car glass respectively, and how long it took to break the window.

The experimental process: First, the female reporter pulled the headrest on the driver's seat. Since the steel pipe under the headrest was not long, it took only 4 seconds to pull it out.

The reporter held his head in both hands and forced the tip of the steel pipe toward the center of the window. However, he took a dozen or so and scratched only the film on the glass. The reporter then focused on the upper left corner of the glass (because the headrest was large, it was difficult to pick up the other three corners in the narrow cab and co-pilot room). After one and a half minutes, the glass remained inactive except for the glass film being scratched. During this time, the reporter once changed the way to hold the headrest and changed the steel pipe that grabbed the headrest to the glass and dumped it, and never opened the glass.

Then, instead of using a male journalist to use the headrest and smashing the glass, the male has greater strength. When the reporter smashes the glass, the door frame can be seen shaking from the outside and the Mars that can be seen by the steel pipe can be seen. However, due to the small space inside the vehicle, it was difficult to use force. The three men were unable to break the window for two or three minutes.

Experimental analysis: Auto repair expert Pan Xudong said that through experiments, it can be seen that using the seat headrest steel pipe to smash the window glass is “not reliable”. He explained the reason for this. Seat headrests are generally made of high-strength fillers. These materials themselves have a cushioning effect. When another metal frame strikes the window, the filler at the back end absorbs the distracting force. . In addition, the end of the metal stent is not sharp, and the pressure that hits the glass is reduced.

Understand that the headrest metal bracket has scratched the window film but has not broken through the window. Pan Xudong explained that it is difficult for the metal bracket to pick up vertically, and the oblique cutting force is dispersed more and the force transmitted to the window is transmitted. It's even smaller.

Experiment 2 trailer hook rejection success

Experimental purpose: When trapped in the car, the tool closest to the driver may be the vehicle's own maintenance tools, including the trailer hook, the handle on the jack, and the fire extinguisher.

The reporter passed this experiment to test whether the trailer hook can break the car glass.

Experimental procedure: Among the numerous equipment, only the trailer hooks and fire extinguishers are the heaviest. The trailer hooks are about 25 cm long. One end is a rod that is as thick as a wrench, and the other end is in an annular shape.

The male reporter first grabbed the rod and slammed the tip into the window. After seventy-eight times, the glass did not break. Afterwards, the male reporter grabbed the handle and slung the ring-shaped end towards the glass. "Because there wasn't enough space before, it didn't work, and then dumped it. It felt like it took 2/3 of the effort to break the window."

On another glass, the reporter wanted to use a small car-mounted fire extinguisher to pick up the glass, but it was stopped by several old divisions outside the car. “There is pressure inside the fire extinguisher, the valve is very small, and we can't guarantee that the quality of the fire extinguisher will definitely pass. It may explode when hit.” For security reasons, the reporter had to give up this attempt.

Experiment 3 escape hammer success

Purpose of the experiment: Escape hammers are usually provided on buses. In critical situations, passengers can escape from the corners of the window glass with hammers. The reporter yesterday purchased a long arm hammer and tried to use its broken window.

The experimental process: female reporters sitting in the main driver's seat, with the hammer to the center of the same side of the window, exhausted all three efforts, the glass is still "indifferent."

Afterwards, the reporter changed seats to the co-cab, and slammed the hammer to the upper left corner of the cab window. He shouted the window with a bang. The reporter saw that not only the horns of the cricket had been crushed, but also the diagonal glass had been shattered.

Experimental analysis: Pan Xudong introduced that the most effective way is to use a long-reaching escape hammer. The tip of the hammer is easy to form high-pressure, long-arm will make users do more with less.

Pan Xudong reminded at the same time that the car window also has a choice of position. Generally, it should be turned toward the four corners of the car window. If it is centered in the car window, according to the principle of mechanics, the impact force is shared by the entire car window, and the force will be reduced.

Experiment four failed pedal and elbow

The purpose of the experiment: In the absence of tools, try to break the window with ankle or elbow.

The experiment process: The window is hard, hit with an elbow like an egg or stone. The reporter sat in the co-pilot's seat, slammed the window glass next to the driver's cab with his feet, and the female reporter slammed the platform canvas shoes for about 1 minute. The male reporter wore running shoes for more than ten days. He could not break the glass, even the door. Can not shake. The reporter felt that the center of glass was rebounded by the glass instead.

Failed to break the window with bare hands.

Experimental analysis: The use of trouser pockets on the web to open the windows on the feet, Pan Xudong also feel that is unlikely to achieve. He said that, first, the pant-bags have a large force, which is also not conducive to a little impact. In addition, the driver is forced to push the window in the seat, and people will be driven by the reaction force, making it difficult to exert force.

Vehicle Escape Hot Selling

Recently, a tool called "Car Escape" has been sold online. In this regard, experts suggest that it is better for the public to have an escape hammer on the car instead of buying cheap “escapers”.

After the reporter entered the “car escape device,” 355 related products were found, and the top ten sellers sold 3052 items in the most recent month. These escape devices are priced between RMB 7 and RMB 198. They are equipped with a number of functions. There is a broken window hammer on the top, a warning light in the middle, a rope cut-off device, a flashlight, etc. at the bottom. Just like the size of a palm, it can be hung on the key. buckle. The owner introduced that as long as the button is pressed, a sharp steel needle will pop up at one end of the escape device. "Sufficient to break through the glass of the car."

In this connection, the reporter consulted with auto repair expert Pan Xudong, he said that the online sales of such cheap cars with escape devices, poor quality products, it is recommended that owners do not buy easily. “The kind of escape device made with high-pressure springs may not be able to break through the window glass. After all, the moment is too small and the acceleration is not enough.” He suggested that the owner could have an escape hammer on the car.

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