How to ensure the weighing accuracy when using automatic weighing machine to test the product

Automatic weighing machine is a high-speed and high-precision industrial weighing detection equipment, can be widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, hardware and other industries, then the automatic weighing machine how to ensure the accuracy of weighing products when testing, interested users can Read below to understand!
How to ensure the weighing accuracy of the automatic weighing machine:
1. Due to the diversity of the products being inspected, the detected objects pass the state of the weighing part of the automatic weighing machine and have a great influence on the accuracy of the automatic weighing machine.
(1) Before a batch of items to be tested passes through the automatic weighing machine, there must be a process that is equidistantly separated and the spacing must reach a certain value. To ensure that after the previous product completely leaves the weighing table, the next product can only contact the weighing table, which means that only one object to be tested enters the weighing table at a time.
(2) This can be achieved by increasing the conveying speed of the automatic weighing machine, forming a speed difference with the previous conveying equipment, and increasing the product spacing to a certain extent to ensure the weighing requirements of the automatic weighing machine.
2. The stability of the tested product on the weighing table is also an important factor affecting the accuracy .
(1) When the tested product enters the weighing section through the induction conveyor, smooth transition must be ensured.
(2) Firstly, the speed of the conveyor and the conveyor of the weighing table should be adjusted to the same speed, and the speed difference should be reduced to the minimum as far as possible to ensure a smooth transition of the tested product when it passes through the connecting position.
(3) In addition, because the object to be inspected has a variety of shapes, if the center of gravity is too high or the area of ​​the bottom contact table is too small, tilting or jumping may occur when passing through the engagement position, causing vibration of the weighing table and impairing the accuracy. In this case, transitional devices such as transitional skateboards, ball transition plates, etc. can be added at the connecting position of the conveyor.
3. Another important factor affecting the accuracy of the automatic weighing machine is the delivery speed of the tested product.
(1) From the production operation point of view, in order to increase the production efficiency, it is always hoped that the production line speed can be maximized. But for automatic weighing machines, the contradiction between speed and accuracy has always existed, and the faster the speed, the more difficult it is to guarantee accuracy.
(2) The dwell time (effective weighing time) of the tested product in the weighing part reaches a certain length. This time must meet the requirement of the instrument controller for the number of load sensor sampling points.
(3) The sampling time of the signal is too short, the sampling point is too low, the instrument controller cannot calculate the accurate arithmetic average, and the accuracy of the weighing result cannot be guaranteed. It is possible to increase the weighing time by appropriately lowering the conveying speed, or increasing the length of the weighing table within the allowable range, so as to ensure that the minimum number of sampling points of the instrument controller is satisfied. On this basis, accurate calculations can be used. To a certain extent, the weighing accuracy is guaranteed.
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