Everyone car detailed oil misuse, let your car unimpeded

The engine oil is equivalent to the "blood" in the engine and flows between the engine components and acts as a lubricant. Therefore, the quality of oil directly affects the operating conditions of the engine. The rational use of oil can not only prolong the life of the engine, but also play a role in saving fuel. However, if it is used improperly, it will not only damage the engine, but also affect the safety of the vehicle. Therefore, everyone reminds us that these engine oil use errors, the owners must Especially attention.

1. Blindly choose oil

Due to the fact that the cooperating parts of domestic engines have larger coefficient of thermal expansion and larger clearance than imported cars, and most domestic cars do not have engine oil radiators, most of the imported oils have low viscosity and cannot meet the requirements of domestic cars for oil viscosity, not only The engine brings benefits, and it will also have an adverse effect on the engine. Therefore, everyone will remind local cars not to blindly use imported high-end oil.

Most of the imported engine oils currently sold on the domestic market are joint ventures with China. Most of these engine oils are blended with base oils and compounding additives in the country. The quality indicators and actual use effects of these oils are almost the same as those made in China. Therefore, high-end cars choose the corresponding quality of oil based on their working conditions and technical indicators, it does not have to add imported oil.

Everyone's car advises that when selecting oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality level and to the viscosity grade. First, the performance level should be selected according to the compression ratio, displacement, etc.; then the viscosity level should be selected according to the temperature and load. When choosing the quality of oil, it should be rather high and not low. Good quality oil can ensure good engine lubrication, reduce wear, extend engine life, extend oil change intervals, and reduce the frequency and difficulty of maintenance and repair. When choosing the oil viscosity, in addition to the air temperature conditions, under the conditions of ensuring the lubrication and sealing of the engine, try to use low-viscosity engine oil in order to save fuel.

2. Change oil is to look at mileage, or see shelf life

First of all, we must understand that there are two types of engine oil, mineral oil and synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is divided into semi-synthetic engine oil and fully synthetic engine oil. In general, full synthetic oils are superior to semi-synthetic oils, and semi-synthetic oils are superior to mineral oils. The oil change cycle follows two points: mileage and shelf life, whichever comes first.

In general, the replacement of 5,000 kilometers of common motor oil and 7,500 kilometers of semi-synthetic motor oil is replaced, and the total synthetic motor oil is replaced by 10,000 kilometers. If there are special circumstances, such as frequent traffic jams, high temperatures, and cold car use, the oil change cycle should be shortened. In addition, everyone car reminded, even the best oil will have a shelf life, even if the number of kilometers did not arrive, but the shelf life is up, the same as to change the oil.

3. Change oil when engine oil turns black

The new engine oil is oily yellow, and many owners think about changing the oil when they see the engine oil black. This is actually a wrong idea. Although the engine oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated under high temperature conditions, with the continuous improvement of the quality of lubricants, especially the use of multi-grade oils, the blackening of the engine oil does not necessarily mean deterioration. There are two reasons for the darkening of the engine oil: after the new engine oil is added, the sludge, carbon deposits, and other deposits on the former parts will be dispersed into the engine oil. When the engine oil is not used for a long time, the engine oil will turn black; when changing the engine oil, the vehicle repairman must Do not mind conscientiously, did not put the engine oil clean, these are the reasons that affect the oil black. However, everyone car reminds, need to replace the oil is mainly based on the viscosity of the oil, but not see the color!

4. The higher the viscosity, the better

Viscosity ensures that when the engine or other parts to be lubricated are in operation, an oil film can be formed on the moving contact surface, thereby reducing wear of the contact surface and prolonging the service life. Many owners believe that the higher the oil viscosity, the better the lubrication effect. In actual fact, if the oil viscosity does not meet the requirements, it will be insufficiently lubricated, resulting in serious wear of engine parts; if the oil viscosity is too high, it will affect vehicle power and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, in the maintenance of car care, we must not blindly pursue high viscosity, and we must select the right type of engine oil according to model and environment.

5. Oil is not changed

During the use of oil, the performance of the engine oil will gradually decrease due to pollution and oxidation. At the same time, there will be some consumption. Only replenishment can not only compensate for the lack of oil, but can not make up for the loss of oil lubrication performance. Everyone is reminded that adding only oil does not change the oil performance will lead to worse.

6. More oil than a lot

Some drivers are concerned that the engine oil will stick to the cylinder, often neglecting the scale of the oil dipstick, and failing to provide fuel according to regulations, so that the engine oil exceeds the standard. Too much oil actually has many hazards, such as increasing the crankshaft rotation resistance, increasing the engine's fuel consumption and reducing the engine's power. Therefore, when refueling, strictly follow the scale of the dipstick and control the oil amount between the upper and lower scale lines of the oil dipstick.

7. Mixed use of oil

All kinds of lubricating oils, their base oils are the same except for different viscosity grades. The only difference is the type and quantity of the added ingredients. Therefore, the recommendation for all-person vehicles is generally based on the type and quantity of the added ingredients to classify the types and quality of lubricants. Lubricants with different types of additives cannot be used in combination. Otherwise, additives in the oil may react chemically to impair the desired effect of the lubricant.

8. The use of oil additives

High-quality engine oil is a finished product with a variety of engine protection functions. Formulations already contain a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, and the balance of oil is the most particular formula to ensure the full play of various properties. Adding other additives by themselves will not only bring no additional protection to the vehicle, but will easily react with the chemical substances in the engine oil, resulting in a decline in the overall performance of the engine oil. Therefore, the use of engine oil is not recommended for all vehicles.

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