45V43 Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Torch

Model NO.: 45V43
HS Code: 85159000
45V43 Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Torch
Material E-CU
Type 45V43 1.6mm 1/16inches
Packing neutral package or as per customer's requirement
Certification ISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, TUV
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45V43 Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Torch
45V43 Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Torch
45V43 Gas Lens Collet Body for TIG Torch

Servo feeder machine is one type smart and easy to operate feeder machine in the market. It can feed metal strips thickness up to 6.0mm and Max. Feeding speed reaches 30m/min.

Operating with Computerize Numerical Control by PLC program from MITSUBISHI made in Japan, it can ensure +/-0.01mm high feeding precision.It is very important to precisely measure the feeding length of the sheet during sheet metal processing and length cutting, and when dealing with press.
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Directly input the 20 difference feeding length on the control display screen and then it can reach needed feeding length, the Max. Feeding length is 9999.99mm.

Usually Nc Servo Feeder matches with adjustment signal from the cutting machine or Power Press Machine.With two different release type, pneumatic release and mechanical release.

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