2017~2022 global LED output value CAGR will reach 7%

According to the latest report of LED Inside, LEDinside, "Gold-level membership - LED industry demand and supply database" shows that the LED industry in 2017 will benefit from the stabilization of LED market prices, plus automotive lighting and outdoor landscape lighting. The rapid growth of LEDinside estimates that the LED output value in 2017 will be based on the latest report of LEDInside, "Golden Member - LED Industry Demand and Supply Database", showing that the LED industry in 2017 will benefit from the LED market price. Stabilization, coupled with the rapid growth of automotive lighting and outdoor landscape lighting, LEDinside estimates that 2017 LED production value reached 17.16 billion US dollars (+7.4% YoY). Looking forward to 2018-2022, LEDinside has increased the price expectations of LED prices in the future due to the significant expansion of production capacity by LED manufacturers. However, due to general lighting and automotive lighting applications, the penetration rate of LEDs continues to rise. The new state of Micro Mini LED appears, so the future application will become more diversified. It is estimated that the global LED output value will reach 25.5 billion US dollars by 2022, and the global LED output value will reach 7% in 2017-2022. LEDinside estimates that the global use of LED wafers in 2017 will be approximately 37 million pieces (YoY+ 30%). Although the rise of OLEDs will affect the number of mobile phones and large-size panel backlights, general lighting, as well as automotive use. The number of applications such as lighting continues to grow. Coupled with the rapid growth of small-pitch display applications, the number of LED wafers used has grown significantly. Looking forward to 2017 to 2022, due to the emergence of Micro Mini LEDs, LEDs have changed from past backlights to self-illuminating characters on consumer electronics displays. Each LED will become a pixel, which will greatly increase the number of LED wafers used. It is estimated that the total LED wafer size will reach 19% in 2017-2022. Niche Lighting LED Market Potential 1. Greenhouse Lighting and Food Safety Demand Drives Plant Lighting LED Market Growth LED market prospects for plant lighting are quite optimistic, and market size is expected to grow rapidly. In 2017, the global market for LEDs for plant lighting was 52 million US dollars, and it is expected to reach 150 million US dollars by 2022, with a compound growth rate of 24%. In the application of plant lighting fixtures, LEDs have obvious performance advantages over other light sources, such as spectral characteristics, longevity and environmental protection. In recent years, as prices have fallen, market acceptance has increased and the number of plant factories has increased. In addition, family small plant factories are gradually emerging due to food safety and other issues. In the past two years, the Chinese market has gradually become a regional market for domestic and foreign manufacturers. For example, Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan cooperated with JD.com to build a plant factory and sell vegetables by itself. The local manufacturer, Zhongke Sanan, also invested heavily in plant construction. In the United States, Mexico and other markets, the main demand is to grow cannabis, and in response to factors such as lack of sunshine, greenhouse lighting demand is the main source. 2. LED is relatively stable in the projector application market. The application of LED in the projector market can be divided into two categories, one is the commercial projector market with luminous flux requirements above 1,000 lm, and the other is the household/micro projection market below 1000 lm. . Since the market belongs to a special niche type application field, although the unit price is high, the market size is not large. Therefore, the output value in 2017 is only 17 million US dollars, and it is estimated that it will grow to 20 million US dollars by 2022.

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